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Sbot - the chat bot for various purposes
Sbot design the unique chatbot for different usage scenarios
General Purpose
for businesses to grow sales
General Purpose
Education Purpose
for schools, institutions, tutors
Education Purpose
More Purposes
for diverse functions & industries
Coming soon
More Purposes
What can Sbot do for you?
Help you do marketing in any time and place, and find more niches on the platform.
24/7 brand marketing assistance
Through the well-designed script, all year-round chatbot helps you promote the product and engage consumers with the interesting interaction mode.Instantly update goods and services to increase customer stickiness effectively.
Discover potential customers
Analyze background data to sort out the data of each user who has chatted with the Sbot, and use it to find out potential customers. Be your best assistant to collect customer information.
Accurate marketing
Sbot will remember the buttons and content that the customers like from the course of the conversation, and modify the script for the customer’s Q&A. Two-way conversation can build customers’ credit and satisfaction with brand.

Sbot success client case

Sbot is boundless, these customers are all using
Ucommune-"Unicorn" in coworking space industry.
Ucommune is the largest and most prestigious coworking space in Asia. Provide customers...

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Ucommune is the largest and most prestigious coworking space in Asia. Provide customers with office space, meeting rooms, and rental of event venues, etc. In 2020, working with the Sbot team to create the chat bot for the coworking space. Quickly solve the needs of customers in the process of chatting. Hope to create a more flexible and adaptable working space and atmosphere for all kinds of enterprises with Sbot in the future.

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Sbot Features

Best service to customers
Express creation
Use the fill-in-the-blank question and answer to create chat bots quickly.
Smart Q&A
Customize the Q&A reply to make the robots more user-friendly
Works on multi-platform
Once created, you can choose to link to Facebook or Line
Daily analysis report
Keep up with the data to analyze potential customers and create commercial opportunities
Sbot Pricing
30-day Free Trial plan for starters and Premium Plan with more Smart Q&A for advanced users
Search your suitable plan
Business Collaboration
Chat experience has become the mainstream of marketing
Sbot create a dedicated chatbot for you
Want to know more about Sbot's services, the creation of conversational commerce and consultancy, or any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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